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Passion for youth = recipe for kindness

Young people are quite simply the future. At The Good Registry we cherish whanaungatanga and want to do everything we can to provide opportunities for New Zealand’s youth to achieve the greatness that we know they can.

This week we reached out to someone who shares this mission. Meet — Gemma Major. As a mother to her 20-month-old son, Malakai, and a woman who is passionate about wellbeing, Gemma is focused on activating the potential of young people to be partners in social and environmental change.

Gemma recognises that young people care so much about climate change, inequality, mental health and education. Because of this, she predicts a very bright future if we can address the inequities these individuals face.

Over the past four years, Gemma has devoted her time to listening to young people in the Waikato and building Seed Waikato with a group of like-minded change-makers who share a passion for ensuring every young person has the resources to live a purpose-driven life they love.

Seed Waikato is one of The Good Registry’s charity partners and their mahi is focused on giving young adults the access to experiential wellbeing tools by celebrating the stories and strengths of young adults who have succeeded in their own ways despite the odds.

Gemma says The Good Registry partnership means a lot to Seed Waikato — not just for the financial support but for the options it gives to the Seed Waikato community to choose giving back.

When someone chooses to pledge their birthday or another special event, or use a Good Gift Card to donate to Seed Waikato, their community wellbeing workshops become free of charge for students and young peeps who may be strapped for cash (as a student intern, I know the feels!). Gemma is confident that this accessibility for young people to experience new stories, tools and strategies that strengthen their resilience is a game-changer amid our current mental health crisis.

Gemma is such a believer in the power of a birthday pledge that she has twice set up Good Registries to celebrate her own birthday and raise funds for Seed Waikato.

When asked why she decided to come back for more, she told us, “Giving to causes I care about has to be one of my favourite things to do. So to celebrate my birthday with my friends and whānau getting in on the action of giving was a no brainer.”

Gemma’s pure energy and passion for making our world a kinder place is summed up in one of her favourite quotes:

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

She says that this quote sums up her thoughts on how one small act of kindness can lead to another — and ultimately lead to mountains of kindness. In Gemma’s eyes, we don’t always need to know or see the ripple effects of our kindness, but rather we need to trust and have faith that good intentions and good acts create ripples that inspire more good in the world.

For more information about Seed Waikato and Gemma’s story, visit their website. Or visit our 'how it works' page to find out how you can support Seed Waikato with a Good Gift Card or by setting up a Good Gift Registry of your own.

- Maisie Gray

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