on Aug 21, 18

One good gift deserves another for Vicky

Vicky Evans and her children Sofia and Daniel are totally smitten with their new SPCA cat Willow. 

So when Vicky received a Good Gift Card to say ‘thank you’ for presenting at a conference last week, she knew straight away which charity she wanted to donate to.

“All of the presenters were given a Good Gift Card, which made us feel appreciated and valued; it was lovely. And I immediately thought ‘that is wonderful and I hope the SPCA is on there’,” Vicky says.

The Good Registry's Good Gift Cards are pre-paid donations: the purchaser makes the donation when they buy the Good Gift Card and the recipient chooses where the donation will go. 

There are 60 charities on The Good Registry to choose from — from the SPCA for cat-lovers like Vicky to the Neonatal Trust for families that have experienced a premature or difficult birth, or Project Crimson to protect our native trees.

Vicky says receiving a Good Gift Card felt fantastic.

“I like the contribution I have in my life by doing what I do, so I tend to speak for free, so it was a lovely surprise to stand up in front of the whole room and be given a gift card as a thank you. It was a real delight. And it was perfect that we could use it to donate to the SPCA.”

“For me the Good Gift Cards are just more giving back, and absolutely, the world needs many more people like us who want to contribute and want to make a difference.”

Vicky was one of about 10 speakers who received Good Gift Cards for speaking at the annual conference for Association of Administrative Professionals for NZ (AAPNZ).

Good Gift Cards were also used as speaker gifts at the Perspectives on Charity Law, Accounting and Regulation in New Zealand Conference earlier this year. You can read about that conference and how they used Good Gift Cards here



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