on Nov 22, 18

Meet our Good Sorts!

We have a great team of good sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we would like you to meet them!

This week we are introducing Tara Schoeller-Burke — a solicitor in the commercial team at Duncan Cotterill.

Duncan Cotterill has a whole team of Good Sorts who provide pro-bono legal support to The Good Registry!

Tara’s role with Duncan Cotterill mainly includes drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, most often for listed companies, but also with charities, and social enterprises like The Good Registry.

Tara’s role with The Good Registry is “a bit of everything” — she helped with drafting the service agreement between The Good Registry Trust and The Good Registry Limited (the two entities that comprise our social enterprise) and has also reviewed and helped to shape legal documents like our Trust Deed and Constitution. 

“It is great to have a variety of work – most of my work is with bigger corporates so it is quite refreshing to have the charitable work to do as well.”

Tara says The Good Registry is “a feel good file to work on”.

She likes knowing that the work she is doing with The Good Registry is helping our partner charities — her personal favourites are Kaibosh and Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP.

“Also, The Good Registry is always so thankful – I absolutely love emails from Christine. She always asks how your day has been and is so friendly.” (That’s Christine, our Co-founder and Chief of Good — who is just so grateful for Good Sorts like Tara and the team at Duncan Cotterill for all the help they give!)

Tara says, “It is so interesting to watch The Good Registry grow – especially because there is no good structure for how a social enterprise should be done so it is great to be a part of the journey and work on that structuring. I am excited to see where The Good Registry goes in the future.” 

We’re excited to see how far we can go too — and we’re immensely grateful to have Good people like Tara helping us to get there.

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