on Nov 13, 18

Meet our Good Sorts!

We have a great team of good sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we would like you to meet them!

This week we are introducing Amy Mercer, one of our ‘legal eagles’. 

Amy is an associate in the commercial team at Duncan Cotterill— an enterprising Kiwi law firm that provides pro-bono support to The Good Registry.

As a commercial lawyer, Amy’s job is all about helping clients like us to get things done (as opposed to the dispute resolution side of law).  

And Amy’s been getting a lot done for us!  

Amy helped to review our social enterprise structure and draft our founding documents — such as our Trust Deed and Company Constitution. She has also reviewed and contributed to content on our website, reviewed contracts with our suppliers, and is currently providing guidance to us on our Trademark applications. 

Amy says working with The Good Registry is a bit different to working with her other clients.

“With the bigger corporate entities, we probably don’t get to see their charitable work … We aren’t really at the coalface of how they are supporting the community, whereas The Good Registry is a direct cause for the community. 

“It is also nice to see an entity that is not solely profit-driven. I like that The Good Registry is driven by what effect it is having and its purpose." 

It’s also different working with such a new venture. 

“A lot of the clients we work with are quite well established and have been going for years so it is particularly interesting to watch The Good Registry grow, especially with the legal issues around social enterprise at the moment,” Amy says.

“We’re definitely keen to watch and see what happens in the future – it will be cool to see it take off". 

Amy says her favourite charity on The Good Registry is The Aunties.  

“The head Auntie just won an amazing award.” (That was Jackie Clark - she won the Supreme Award at this year’s Women of Influence Awards!)  

“They help alongside Women’s Refuge — they liaise with people in the community and get resources and needed items for people who have been abused. It’s about actually giving useful things to people in need, rather than things you think are useful for people in need.” 

You can also team up with The Good Registry to support charities like The Aunties by setting up a Good Gift Registry (to ask friends and family for donations instead of traditional gifts) or giving Good Gift Cards (which can be redeemed to make donations to any of our 60 partner charities). 

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