on Oct 04, 18

Meet our Good Sorts!

We have a great team of good sorts helping us at The Good registry, so we would like you to meet them!

This week we are introducing Wayne Graham, the founder and CEO of the Daily Encourager

Wayne has a heart of a gold, and a passion for encouraging more of what’s good in the world, so he started the Daily Encourager to share ‘news that builds people up’.

“We all need more generosity. We all need more care and compassion. We all need more creativity. And the Daily Encourager  is a way for me to be able to facilitate a taste of that.”

Wayne first met The Good Registry over a cup of tea with our Chief of Good, Christine.

“Someone recommended meeting Christine, and I was really impressed by the fact that she had left her job and had decided to work on The Good Registry unpaid. That really inspired me. It’s showing a real commitment. It’s showing real determination to make a difference.”

He decided The Good Registry would make a good story for the Daily Encourager   and then went a step further and offered us free advertising on Daily Encourager stories! So now, whenever you read a story on The Daily Encourager, you’ll also see a wee plug for The Good Registry. 

Wayne says he wanted to help The Good Registry because he believes in what we’re doing.

“We all have so much today. We are blessed with a lot of material things and it is really good for people to have a taste of giving to others. Sometimes there is more joy in giving than there is in receiving, and I think that it is a really nice way to teach children about the joy of giving too.”

The Good Registry is just one of many good stories that Wayne hears about every week.

He says: “I’m finding so many people across the country who are doing amazing things, and uncovering so many good things happening across New Zealand that people just don’t know about. When you read the media you often see the worst things going on, but really there is just so much good.” 

We love your mahi Wayne, and we’re hugely grateful for your support!

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