on Sep 06, 18

Meet our good sorts!

We have a great team of good sorts helping us at The Good Registry, so we would like you to meet them.

This week we are introducing Jen Young, a great supporter of The Good Registry who donates her time, energy and wisdom to us, mainly by helping us create video updates for social media every single week. She also always provides a smile and mindful advice for us at the Market Lane BizDojo, where we co-work. 

Jen is the Founder of Jen Y Insights, which is a for-purpose business, helping people and organisations make the impact and change that they want to see in their lives and the world.

Jen says, “I help people and organisations understand the habits, behaviours and things that are getting in the way of actually unleashing their potential via mindfulness, mindful results coaching and youth leadership development.”

One of Jen’s favourite mantras is “get up, dress up, show up, every single day,” which means that she has to get out into the world and do something every day for her wellness and happiness. This is a concept she also teaches clients, and helps them to achieve for themselves — and which she uses to help boost The Good Registry team when inevitable challenges come our way.

Jen decided to help our Chief of Good, Christine Langdon, with social media videos after meeting her through the Mindfulness for Change community in Wellington. 

Jen says that she loves giving her time, energy, presence and being a cheerleader to others instead of solely giving financial support, which is a large part of why she chooses to help with the videos.

Christine and Jen have an agreement to meet once a week to each film videos of the other to share on social media, a commitment that has helped them both stick to the important medium of video.

“That’s my little way of helping Christine to really spread the message of The Good Registry and to empower her to put her natural beautiful presence on video for the world to see,” Jen says.

Thank you to Jen for being such an inspiring and energetic person. We love seeing your smile and funny faces around the BizDojo!

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