on Jul 27, 22

Meet Emily - our new intern

Meet Emily, our newest intern at the Good Registry!

Emily is in her final year studying a Bachelor of Communications at Massey University, majoring in media studies and minoring in digital marketing.

 Emily says she is very grateful to have the opportunity to put her skills into practice - having heard about her classmates’ rewarding experiences while interning at The Good Registry! :-)

She is also very eager to learn more about the positive impact that donating to charities can have on the community.

Growing up, Emily was always doing something creative or exploring the outdoors. Her desire for adventure led to Emily taking a gap year before starting university - she worked at a summer camp teaching photography and ceramics in upstate New York, USA.

In her spare time, you’ll find Emily going for walks with her friends and photographing the incredible views Wellington has to offer...We are looking forward to seeing some of her photos!

Emily says she resonates with our values around sustainability and loves that everyone who gifts through The Good Registry reduces waste by replacing physical gift giving with online donations to charities.

 Emily is excited to work closely with our charity partners and see first-hand the impact that meaningful giving can have.

And we are excited to have her on board.

Welcome Emily!

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