on Mar 25, 22

Meet a team that's multiplying good giving

A couple of years ago, the team at SHIFT (a legal and consulting firm) decided to give their lawyers and consultants charity gift cards from The Good Registry as Christmas gifts.

The team loved it. So last Christmas, they decided to use The Good Registry for client gifts too. Clients loved it.

Keeping with a winning theme, this year they’ve started thanking guest speakers at training events with The Good Registry’s gift cards too.

Chief Operating and Experience Officer Arna Sluzenski told us they have had such great feedback every time they have given Good Registry gift cards, SHIFT can’t imagine a better gift to give.

“People really love telling us which charities they’ve chosen to support and why.  And that gives us an insight into the causes they are passionate about - which we really enjoy.

“And people tell us they love choosing the causes to donate to, and being able to split their donation between different charities.  It feels so meaningful - it wouldn’t be the same if you just tried to donate to charities on people’s behalf.”

Arna said the Good Registry’s gift cards had been particularly good during the pandemic, when people wanted ways to give back, and when SHIFT’s events have had to be online.

“For online events we can just email our speakers their gift card straight after the event, and they can go online straight away to choose the charities they want to donate to. It takes two seconds and it’s so easy for everyone.

“It’s been such a success - it’s the perfect gift.”

And we reckon that’s the perfect giving story! 

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