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Let's talk about fertility!

Infertility is often swept under the rug due to it being a sensitive/whakamā issue. However, 26% of New Zealanders face this devastating life event at some point, making it somewhat of a ‘silent epidemic’.

The Good Registry’s newest charity partner, Fertility New Zealand, is committed to standing with the many Kiwis facing infertility challenges along every stage of their journey, and beyond. They provide support, information, and advocacy, helping people facing infertility issues to feel more positive and empowered.

Fertility NZ has a vision for Aotearoa to be a ‘fertility friendly’ environment, where the issue of fertility is brought into the light. They want Aotearoa to be a place where men and women have access to all of the infertility information, treatment, and support that they require.

A key issue for people facing infertility issues is feeling a loss in control, which was exacerbated by the uncertainty created by the Covid-19 lockdowns this year and caused a sharp increase in the need for Fertility NZ’s services.

During lockdown levels 3 and 4, their helpline received 75% more enquiries than it did at the same time last year, and attendance at their information webinars doubled. The increased demand for Fertility NZ’s education and support has endured, and is expected to continue.

As levels of anxiety and distress increased, Fertility NZ became an incredibly important resource for Kiwis to receive support and guidance. This highlights just how important the support that Fertility NZ provides is, especially as people facing infertility continue to live in uncertainty.

It’s crucial that Fertility NZ is able to keep up with this increase in demand, so people facing infertility struggles are able to be supported through their distress.

With 1 in 4 Kiwis facing infertility in their lifetime, you likely know someone that has been in need of support from Fertility NZ. An easy way to support them through their silent battle is to donate to Fertility NZ through our Good Registries and Gift Cards. You can also help Fertility NZ to achieve their vision of a ‘fertility friendly’ New Zealand with a donation through our #Kindnessfromhome page.

A donation of just $10 can enable one person to receive support from the Fertility NZ hotline.

You can find out more about Fertility New Zealand and their services on their website

If you'd like to do something to support them today:

  • Create your own Good Registry for a special event and ask friends and family to donate to a charity you choose (such as Fertility New Zealand).
  • Give Good Gift Cards instead of traditional gifts, to show people you are thinking about them, and enable them to donate to charities they care about, including Fertility New Zealand.


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