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Let's dress Secret Santa in Green this Christmas!

By Ellette Cruden, Secret Santa convert.

It’s nearing that time of year, when we all start mentally checking out of work, long before the last day! The Christmas festivities are thrust upon us, whether we care to participate or not. That’s right folks, it’s time for Secret Santa — workplace edition.

Our self-appointed workplace elf (personally guilty) springs into action and before you know it, you’ve drawn Susan’s name out of the hat. Your Secret Santa recipient this year is Susan. Susan from accounts on level 5. That’s right, you’ve drawn a colleague you know next-to-nothing about, AGAIN!

Secret Santa gift giving can be one of the most difficult work related tasks you encounter for the entire year! I may be slightly exaggerating, but seriously, let’s get down to business and see what we can buy with our hard earned $10. Prof. Google provides us with some of the following options:

· Cat coffee cup cozy

· Kitty wine stopper

· Harry Potter Deathly Hallows keychain

· Recipe rock

· Cute food-themed eraser

Interesting gift ideas, but is that really what Susan from accounts would want? Is this something that may just end up in landfill? Wrapping paper, packaging, gift and all?

Secret Santa can become quite competitive after all. Who got the dud gift, which was quite obviously re-gifted? Who excessively exceeded the $10 cap to get the optimal gift?

It’s all in the too-hard basket.

What if I told you, you could make your gift a little bit more good and green this year? Fret not, I’m not suggesting a bag of kale. The crew at The Good Registry, have made secret Santa…good!

The Good Registry has Good Gift Cards, that’s good right? By simply giving Susan from accounts a Good Gift Card, you can help good causes (and reduce waste, bonus!).

Your $10 gift could help any number of causes this year including, Camp Quality, Heart Kids, Make a Wish or the SPCA.

It’s over to Susan to redeem her Good Gift Card, browse the charities and give the gift of giving, to the charity of her choice!

If we (every NZer) all swapped one *dud* Secret Santa gift this year, for a $10 Good Gift Card, we could collectively give $47 million to New Zealand charities!

That’s right, you can keep doing exactly what you were doing. Just make it a little bit more good and green!

I think that’s a pretty neat idea, which Susan would also approve of.

Let’s see how many business and organisations make Christmas good and green this year! #GoodGreenXmas


  • Ellette Cruden is a reformed Secret Santa fiend and now Creative Director at Top Shelf Marketing — a new marketing company that’s also doing lots of Good … We didn’t even pay her to write this! :-)

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