on Sep 19, 21

Kiwis helping kiwis through Covid-19

The resurgence of Covid-19 in Aotearoa has meant that many of The Good Registry's charity partners have swung into action to provide extra support and care to New Zealanders.

First through the national level 4 lockdown, and then with the country at split alert levels, our charity partners have been in extra demand, working hard to meet the needs of communities and individuals. 

Our diverse range of charity partners provide anything from online resources, activities and helplines to food deliveries, shelter and counselling, which have been in extra demand during lockdown.

It’s an important time to acknowledge and support these charities for their amazing mahi over this time - and to remember that although we may be in different Covid-19 alert levels, we are all in this together.

A big thank you to all of our charities for the support you are providing, which benefits us all. Your mahi is hugely appreciated.

Here's an overview of just some of the work our charity partners have been doing to help New Zealanders get through Covid-19 together.

Compassion Soup Kitchen

The team at Compassion Soup Kitchen in Wellington did a stellar job during lockdown, providing 230 takeaway meals every day, including on Sundays! 

As well as takeaway meals, they were able to offer hot drinks to take away, and also supplied meals to support services such as Wellington Women’s House (another of our charity partners).  

Throughout Levels 3 and 4 they set up ‘red’ and ‘green’ teams - two separate teams whose paths never crossed - so that even if one person was exposed to Covid-19, only one team would have to isolate. The other would be able to fill their shifts and keep the kai coming!  


The Kaibosh team have also kept food moving for people who need it - with all three of their food sorting and distribution bases (Wellington, Hutt Valley and Kāpiti) open and operating throughout alert levels. 

Their volunteer programme was put on hold during Levels 3 and 4, so the Kaibosh team had to work extra hard to collect and sort donated food each day.

Food donations from their usual supermarket supporters continued throughout levels 3 and 4 (even with the extra pressures supermarkets were facing!),  and many other local businesses offered donated food too.

The need in the community has been greater than ever, so a big thank you to the Kaibosh team and to everyone who has been supporting them.

Mental Health Foundation of NZ

Having to be away from friends and family during lockdown - or being isolated with them - can be distressing for many people, and this brings a range of emotions.

During lockdown the Mental Health Foundation has been offering resources on wellbeing as well as sharing stories, spotify playlists and useful mental health check in tools.

They have also been focusing on their campaign for Mental Health Awareness week which runs from 27 September until 3 October - including lots of online events to support the mental wellbeing of New Zealanders - you can visit their website to find out more


Youthline has been managing increasing calls and texts to their 24/7 helpline, responding to young people across Aotearoa experiencing distress.

They have offered useful tips online during lockdown for things like social media use, sleeping, mindfulness, supporting friends, and studying from home. Their helpline is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To get in touch, text 234, call 0800 37 66 33, email [email protected] or via Webchat at youthline.co.nz/webchat


Lifeline counsellors have also been handling more calls than usual - even more than previous lockdowns. And they’ve also been providing online tips and resources to help people focus on self-care, and to support each other.  

To get in touch call 0800 LIFELINE (0800 543 354) or text HELP (4357).

Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch City Missions

The Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch City Missions all work to provide care and support to the community in any way they can with food, shelter, safety and any other needs from those in crisis. 

While lockdown may slow down most of the country, the City Missions have been working extra hard to provide those in need with support and necessities. 

At Wellington City Mission, the Social Supermarket has continued to provide a free service where people can go to select food, toiletries and other grocery items they need. 

Giving back

All of these charities, along with many others, have been working so hard over the past few weeks and months to support New Zealanders, and much of that additional work is continuing.

You can give back to these charities or to any of our 65 charity partners to help them to keep doing this important mahi - directly through their websites, or at The Good Registry with our good gift cards and registries.

  • Courtney Ellingham Prebble 
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