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Just a 'Good Bitch' who loves to bake

What is better than a ‘Good Bitch’ who can whip up a brownie to die for or deliver you a tray of freshly baked cookies when you are feeling down? Considering we love a sweet treat here at The Good Registry, this question left us stumped. However, after chatting to Emma Bell we realised that we may have found an individual who has it all!

Not only is Emma a passionate foodie but she is also a baker for our charity partner — Good Bitches Baking (GBB). What’s more, Emma is a woman on a mission to gift kindness instead of stuff.

So where did Emma’s journey of giving kindness start? Towards the end of last year, Emma stumbled across The Good Registry via Linkedin. After some research into what we are all about, Emma got thinking about ways she could join our journey of making a positive difference.

After reflecting on the corporate gifting scheme of her department, she felt that it was the right time to move away from giving ‘stuff.’ So, in 2020 she convinced her colleagues at Fisher Funds to send their distribution partners Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry for Christmas. She says they received a great response and were encouraged to adopt this approach from now on.

A few weeks after Emma’s first time giving with The Good Registry, she was browsing our website and stumbled across Good Bitches Baking.

There were two things that piqued her interest to level up her ability to gift kindness and join the GBB team.

“I personally love the phrase ‘good bitch’ and I also love to bake!”

From here she visited the GBB website and the rest was history! Just a few weeks later Emma joined the team and has been delivering heartwarming goodies ever since.

Good Bitches Baking is a network of people who want to show kindness to those in their communities who are having a tough time. They do this through the delivery of delicious treats.

Volunteering for Good Bitches Baking allows Emma to put her passion towards something meaningful for others. She believes that food is one of the most beautiful and special connectors as it does not require language for the translation of a message.

“I find it truly heartwarming to be able to spread kindness through something as simple as homemade food.”

For Emma the benefits of kindness are much greater than she expected. She suggests that this is particularly true in our current day and age where headlines and news feeds can often leave you feeling heavy-hearted.

“How great is it to have the potential to make someone’s day? If something I enjoy doing so much has the potential to share with others a moment of kindness, happiness and hopefully deliciousness, then I’m going to lean into that as much as I can!”

So… next time you find yourself smiling over your mid-morning muffin pick me up, take it as a sign of the good that you can give and visit create a Good Registry or give a Good Gift Card to begin your journey of kindness.

- Maisie Gray 


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