on Apr 07, 22

“It's the right thing to do and it’s a good thing to do”

By Lucy Smillie - We love recognising businesses and workplaces that have giving in their DNA, and The Mind Lab is an organisation that regularly gives our Good Gift Cards to deserving people. 

The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab, which is a subsidiary of The Mind Lab, provide postgraduate learning programmes with a purpose of enhancing human potential. Both organisations invite guest speakers to talk at events as part of their teaching programmes and give gift cards from The Good Registry to speakers as thank-you gifts. 

Monique Pearson, the interim general manager at The Mind Lab told us, “We present all our speakers and presenters with a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry and they love it”.

“Speakers share their stories with us and we share the gift of giving with them”. She describes this as “a beautiful relationship” that creates a ripple effect of good in the community. 

Monique says gifting Good Gift Cards is “so much more appealing than giving people more stuff”. 

With a strong focus on sustainability, Monique says The Mind Lab has always given people gifts with a sustainability focus, however, those gifts were often couriered to recipients, which has a negative impact on the environment.  “A big thing for us is not having to add to that footprint.” (The Good Registry's gift cards are electronic).

Monique says The Mind Lab is able to demonstrate its values of sustainability and bringing communities together by gifting Good Gift Cards, and using The Good Registry “makes it so easy”. 

The Mind Lab has donated more than $2000 by giving Good Gift Cards. “It’s testament to the fact that we believe in the product and support what The Good Registry is doing” says Monique.

“The reward for us is the joy that we see from people who come back and say “wow that was so amazing” when they get to use their gift card for good.”

Monique encourages any organisation to gift to clients, staff, speakers and others through The Good Registry. She says that “it's the right thing to do and it’s a good thing to do”. 

If you or your organisation is thinking about gifting through The Good Registry, have a look at our Good Gift Cards, or, if you have an event coming up, check out our Good Registries to fundraise for a cause your organisation cares about.

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