on Mar 20, 19

InternetNZ: Contributing to public Good

The guardians of .NZ have been doing even more Good for NZ with The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards.

InternetNZ provides the infrastructure, security and support to keep .NZ humming. 

Part of their role is to provide community grants for initiatives that help keep the internet open, secure and accessible for all New Zealanders. And they recently conducted a survey of past community funding recipients and applicants, offering five prizes of $50 Good Gift Cards as an incentive.

InternetNZ Community Manager Vanisa Dhiru says they offered Good Gift Cards because they’re “the gift that keeps on giving”. 

“We gifted our winners the rewarding feeling of giving back to the community; a feeling we’re lucky enough at InternetNZ to feel every day as we continue our work contributing to public good in New Zealand,” Vanisa said. Chosen charities can then use the funding to increase public good with the flow on effect benefitting New Zealanders in need.”

Vanisa said the Good Gift Card winners had been very thankful and looked forward to choosing who to support from The Good Registry’s partner charities.

“One of our winners has donated the $50 to Bellyful, where her friend volunteers, recognising the amazing work they do to provide meals for those in need.”

InternetNZ is a non-profit organisation, and the home and guardian of .nz. They use the funding from the sale of .nz domain names to support the development of New Zealand's Internet through policy, community grants, research and events. Their mission is an Internet that is open, secure, and for all New Zealanders.

They want all New Zealanders to be able to harness the power of the Internet and advance this vision through giving $800,000 of community funding each year to research, community projects, and for people to attend conferences related to the Internet. 

It’s very rewarding to work for an organisation contributing to public good and focused on making the Internet better in New Zealand. We are thankful to be able to offer community funding and wanted some of our stakeholders to experience that same feeling by gifting to a good cause.”


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