on Nov 10, 22

How you can celebrate your wedding with The Good Registry

If you’re not necessarily wanting gifts or stuff for your wedding, The Good Registry might be a good option for you.

You can create a Registry, choose a favourite charity, and invite your wedding guests to donate through your registry page.

You can choose from any of The Good Registry’s 65 charity partners (they are all wonderful!) - or if you’d like to support a different charity, simply get in touch with us.

Once you’ve created your registry, simply send the registry link out to your guests, and invite them to contribute to your chosen charity, instead of buying you gifts.

When friends and family donate, they can leave messages on your registry page, and you can all see how much has been collectively donated. After the big day, The Good Registry Trust passes your donation to your chosen charity.

It’s a super-simple and impactful way to celebrate, that shares love with whole communities and the planet too.

If you'd rather not create a registry, and would still love to support good causes on your wedding day, you could instead suggest that guests give you Good Gift Cards. After your wedding, you can use any Good Gift Cards that you receive to donate to any of The Good Registry's 65 New Zealand charity partners

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