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How to redeem your Good Gift Card (and unleash kindness!)

When you redeem your Good Gift Card, you get to choose the charities that speak to your heart ❤️

So whether you’re an animal lover, an environmentalist, a new parent, a health advocate, an ally, passionate about arts and culture, care about children, vulnerable people or the elderly - the choice is yours! 

Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do, so we’ve made sure that redeeming your Good Gift Card is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Step 1: Head to Our Gift Card Redemption Page 💌
Head to our redemption page at www.thegoodregistry.com/redeem.
It's your gateway to turning your Good Gift Card into impact!


Step 2: Choose your charities 👆
Scroll through our list of 65 charity partners and select the ones that resonate with you. You can split the value of your Good Gift Card across multiple charities, and choose your donation amount. The minimum is $5.  

Screenshot of shopping cart

Step 3: Go to cart 🛒
Once you've chosen your charities, click the Cart button. Take a moment to review your selections before clicking checkout!

Screenshot of cart checkout

Step 4: Apply gift card code 👩‍💻
Enter your email, name, contact details, and the unique code from your gift card, and click 'apply gift card code'.  Double-check everything and click through to confirm.

That's it! You've successfully redeemed your Good Gift Card, turning it into meaningful contributions to the causes you care about. Your generosity is now set in motion to make a positive impact 💖

Share Your Act of Kindness:

Feel free to share your act of kindness with your friends and family. Spread the word by tagging us on socials @thegoodregistry or flick us an email at [email protected].


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