on Dec 14, 18

How to have a dog-Good Christmas!

How do Good dogs celebrate Christmas? With The Good Registry of course! 

Fifteen-month-old beagle Bailey has been giving Christmas gifts to special people who’ve played a big part in her life this year — and her go-to gift has been Good Gift Cards.

Bailey has given Good Gift cards to her doggy day care centre, Paws in the City, her boarding kennels, Vet Smart Doggery, and her veterinarian, Kelburn Vets. 

Bailey’s Best Friend Mandy Simpson, who is often travelling with her work, says Bailey’s wider support crew are an important part of both of their lives, and they wanted to acknowledge that.

“There is no way I could have her without them because I’m travelling so much - it’s my support network”

Mandy says Good Gift Cards felt like the perfect way to show how much she and Bailey appreciate them.

“It was really to say thank you for taking such good care of her. They do a job and could do it in lots of different ways, and they all do it in a way that cares about her, and that’s why it was important to say thank you.” 

Thanks Bailey, and Mandy!
If you'd like to give a Good Gift Card to thank someone this Christmas (or any other time of the year) you can do that here.  We're not just for canines.

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