on Aug 05, 19

A good birthday, a happy heart, and a tidy bedroom!

The SPCA gave Maisie Devlin and her family two adorable, much-loved cats, Shyla and Eion. So when she turned seven in May, Maisie decided to give back.

Maisie’s birthday celebrations included typical treats like ice skating, a sleep-over, and pizza — but Maisie asked her friends not to give her typical gifts, and to donate on her behalf to the SPCA through The Good Registry instead.

Maisie says she loves her cats very much, and she knows that the SPCA doesn’t have much money to look after all the animals like Shyla and Eion that they rescue and re-home.

“I wanted to help them because I love animals. I think it’s great that they help the animals and I wanted to give them money for new beds and food and stuff.”

She says she didn’t mind a bit about not getting typical gifts and was excited to fundraise $135 instead.

“I didn’t really care because its not about the presents. It is just about being with your friends and having fun and being with family.”

It felt so good that Maisie says she’ll probably ask for donations instead gifts for every birthday from now on!

“I really want to help charities instead of getting presents, and also I already have enough toys to survive… and I will still get presents from my family, and there is still Christmas to get presents, and other times like that.”

Maisie would love for lots of other people to do the same too. Not just kids like her, “teenagers, and old folks, and everybody.”

“Maybe not everybody. I think some people do need presents, but if you have heaps of things already and your bedroom has way too much in it and it gets messy easily like mine, I think those people should try to have donations instead of getting lots of presents for a change.”

“I think they should donate to the SPCA, but not just the SPCA, maybe other things. If they all donate to the SPCA, then other charities will be left with nothing and the SPCA will have a whole lot.” We think that’s very good advice, and we’re sure our 60+ charity partners will too — thank you Maisie!

And on behalf of the SPCA, and all of our partner charities, thank you for being such a inspirational good sort :)

Maisie's SPCA cats Shyla and Eion

How you too can support good causes with The Good Registry:

  • Create your own Good Gift Registry for a special event (e.g. a wedding or a birthday — like Maisie did) and ask friends to donate to a charity you choose, instead of buying gifts.
  • Give Good Gift Cards instead of traditional gifts, to enable others to make donations to charities they care about.

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