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How to give good conference gifts and help NZ charities too

Speakers at conferences and events are often thanked with bottles of wine (even if they don’t drink…) or garden seedlings (even if they don’t have gardens…). 

It’s true it’s the thought that counts, but we thought there had to be a better way!  So we created Good Gift Cards, which are a way to say ‘thank you’, with meaning, and without giving people stuff they don’t really want or need. 

Instead of receiving ‘stuff’ for themselves, recipients can use their Good Gift Cards to make donations to charities they care about — so they can share the gift of giving.

When we recently launched Good Gift Cards, we thought they would make perfect gifts for conferences and events — for special guests who really don’t need more bottles of wine, seedlings, or other traditional conference gifts. 

And the Perspectives on Charity Law, Accounting and Regulation in New Zealand Conference, held in Wellington in April, was the first big NZ conference to give Good Gift Cards to all of its speakers. 

As part of their speaker ‘thank you packs’, all 45 speakers received $20 Good Gift Cards, which they can use to make donations to charities of their choice. (That’s $900 of goodness!)

The conference speakers were mainly accountants, lawyers and regulators, and many also wear other hats as charity board members, supporters and volunteers. 

Conference committee member Sara O’Hara, of Chartered Accountants ANZ, said it “made good sense” to give Good Gift Cards to the 45 conference speakers. 

“All of the speakers gave their time free of charge to come and speak and we wanted to thank them in some way,” Sara said. “The conference was mostly about charities, we had a lot of charities attend, and we wanted to tie in giving back to them.”

Sara says buying the Good Gift Cards on The Good Registry’s website was “really easy”.

And since the conference, the speakers have been steadily redeeming their Good Gift Cards at The Good Registry, for a wide range of charities including Big Buddy, Wellington Free Ambulance, Garden to Table, and Kaibosh Food Rescue.

On behalf of The Good Registry, and our charities, thank you to the 12-member organising committee of the Perspectives on Charity Law, Accounting and Regulation in New Zealand Conference, to everyone who attended, and especially to their 45 presenters who are paying forward the giving. Thanks for being part of the giving revolution with us! 

If you'd like to give the gift of goodness too, you can buy our Good Gift Cards here. 

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