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How to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day without buying stuff

By Olivia Fraser - Mother’s day is fast approaching, and your email inbox is probably overflowing with ads from companies pedalling the usual pink, fluffy or sparkly ‘thing’ that is going to proclaim your admiration and convey all your thanks to your special mother or mother figure in your life. 

It's all a bit overwhelming really isn't it? 

I’ve been thinking about how things perhaps have changed over time. Maybe it was just my family, but I’m pretty sure ‘Mother’s Day’ in the eighties simply consisted of Dad tossing a fiver in my direction (as the eldest child) to pop out to the corner dairy to buy the biggest box of Cadbury’s Roses they had. My poor Mum certainly wasn’t treated to fancy brunches or sparkly bracelets, instead she got sugar high kids and well, thanks, I guess. Thanks Mum. 

Years later and with three kids of my own, things are still low-key. I've been treated to gourmet brekkies of cold peanut butter toast and tea made with cold water, (because while they could work the toaster, they couldn’t pour boiling water on their own). While gastronomic it was not, it certainly makes for sweet motherhood memories! I’m happy to report that training has been put in place and I’ve got high hopes for this year’s effort! 

And my Mother? Unfortunately we don’t live in the same city, so brunch isn’t possible, and she’s got more than enough flowery coffee mugs/ fluffy slippers or sparkly shiny things, which means that I’m currently unsubscribing from most of my email list! I’m also forever the great procrastinator, so it's almost guaranteed that I won’t be in time to courier a gift anyway... 

Eek, what to do? 

How to impress Mum? Or more importantly, how to impress upon Mum that yes, I do care, value her and miss her presence? 

Where is that perfect gift for mother’s day that can express all those moments of kindness and motherly nurturing that I remember, cherish and celebrate? 

In fact, buying ‘things’ to celebrate our special people who shape our lives, those ‘things’ that clog up our email boxes, somehow feels not quite right.

Let’s lean in instead to the ‘thoughtfulness’ of the day, making the most of special moments, picking up the phone to chat, giving the gift of time, maybe taking over the cooking for the day, kid designed cards with handwritten love notes… and celebrate the ‘joy of kindness’ through giving with purpose.

The Good Registry's Good Gift Cards are a perfect solution for sustainable, purposeful giving.  With 65 charity partners to chose from at The Good Registry, my gift to mum will have the extra bonus of ‘paying it forward’ to a charity of her choosing, a cause that has a connection with my whānau or is close to my mother’s heart. 

Extra bonus is that it is easy-peasy to purchase, and being an electronic or e-card, it's ready straight away. I can just click, and add that special, thoughtful message to Mum.

Procrastion proof. Delivery sorted!

Mother’s Day + The Good Registry = purposeful, charitable, sustainable good gifting. 

So thanks, Mum, from the bottom of our hearts. 


PHOTO: Olivia Fraser and her children (Chloe on the left, Elliot and Imogen) at their favourite beach, Waihi

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  • Thanks so much for your lovely blog & wonderful gift idea!
    Yes distance is a nuisance but you have conveyed your thoughts & wishes so well! It was a very special message & gift!

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