on Nov 10, 22

How to celebrate your birthday with The Good Registry

The Good Registry is a great place for celebrating birthdays.

If you don’t want or need gifts, and you’d like to support a good cause, we have a couple of options.

You can create a fundraising registry - set up your profile, choose a favourite charity (we have 65 awesome causes for you to choose from… or let us know if you’d like to support another) and then share the link to your fundraising page with family and friends.

Let them know you’d love them to donate - if they would like to help you celebrate without giving gifts.

Just as simple, we have Good Gift Cards. If friends want to know what to give you, suggest a Good Gift Card.

You can use your Good Gift Card to donate to any of our 65 charity partners. With one Good Gift Card, you can choose one charity, or you can donate to many. It’s a super-simple and impactful way to celebrate - it takes the guesswork out of birthday gift giving, gives everyone the joy of giving, and means that your birthday will have a lasting impact.

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