on Oct 19, 22

How can businesses do good through The Good Registry?

There are lots of ways that New Zealand businesses can contribute to a better world through The Good Registry - and so many already are!

Here are 5 ways that businesses often use The Good Registry's gift cards to gift kindness:

1. First Day gifts: Recruitment companies often give Good Gift Cards to their successful candidates to celebrate their win. And many businesses use Good Gift Cards to welcome their new team members too.

2. Milestones and Awards: Lots of businesses are using Good Gift Cards to celebrate milestones and recognise their team doing great work and living their values. Birthdays and work anniversaries are good milestones that businesses often celebrate with Good Gift Cards too.

3. Thank yous: Businesses often use The Good Registry’s gift cards to thank people for taking part in research, or for giving presentations, or to thank guests who take part in hackathons, panels and other sorts of events. Many conferences and events give Good Gift Cards to thank speakers and guests too.

4. Christmas gifts: Hundreds of businesses - big and small - have given The Good Registry’s gift cards to staff or clients as end of year or Christmas gifts. 

5. Good Gift Cards also make great Secret Santa gifts - they’re so much better than lots of plastic and wrapping left on the table and sent to landfill at the end of the work Christmas party every year.

As well as gift cards, The Good Registry offers online polls, so businesses can choose a shortlist of charities and split their donation based on how people vote (they can invite as many people to vote as they would like). Our polls have been popular with businesses that would like to involve all of their clients and all of their staff in a little something good that doesn’t have to cost much.

If you'd like to know more about how your business could gift through The Good Registry, to create more good, please get in touch.

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