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How a Kiwi recruitment company follows their North Star by giving back to Aotearoa

Every business can use a North Star, and for Beyond Recruitment it’s an ongoing drive to work to benefit to New Zealand. 

Since launching in 2004, Beyond Recruitment has becoming a thriving (still privately owned) Kiwi company, employing around 100 people.

Beyond Recruitment know their success is down to the support of their community - and Chief Executive Liza Viz says they’re committed to repaying, and paying forward, that support. 

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our community — the business community and the government community — so we feel a passionate desire to give back knowing it’s benefitting New Zealand.”

Charity is a big part of that - and that has led Beyond Recruitment to The Good Registry. 

They’ve used The Good Registry to give their staff the gift of charity donations at Christmas and to thank customers for taking part in research (you can still see their team's Christmas giving poll here). 

General Manager Ben Pearson says they’re not done yet — they plan to keep amplifying their positive impact through The Good Registry. 

In their almost 20 years in business, Beyond Recruitment has supported a diverse group of charities. They’ve donated to St John Ambulance, SPCA, KidsCan, Starship, Muscular Dystrophy New Zealand and The Cancer Society. They’ve sponsored kiwi on Rakiura Stewart Island, they’ve given food to city missions, and they’ve volunteered their time for causes like Ronald McDonald House. 

But as they grow, deciding where to focus all of their goodness becomes more complicated, Liza Viz says. 

“As we get bigger and want to do more giving, it starts to become more technically complex to take into account the wishes of 100 staff and the diversity of our clients and community we work with. 

“One of our staff suggested The Good Registry and this has given us the technical solution we needed — it provides our business the opportunity to consider the wishes and opinions of staff, clients and candidates —and it’s opened our eyes to a range of other charities that we might not have been aware of.”

Ben Pearson, says no-one dislikes receiving a charity donation gift—and it’s a good way to acknowledge even government sector clients, who often cannot accept other sorts of gifts.  

“Our team get a real kick out of it. It is universally well-received and endorsed, so it’s a win win, win,” Ben says.

“Especially in New Zealand, in the current social climate, giving back and assisting others is where it’s at. Corporate gifting as we knew it is probably a bit 1987.

“As society matures, there are more and more people that are feeling that way—especially as the world becomes a more difficult place to live for many people in our communities.”

Liza says the environmental benefits of giving charitable donations instead of corporate gifts aren’t lost on the team either. 

“By the nature of our business we are pretty low impact on the environment, but we’re certainly very aware that giving a decent charitable donation rather than a mass-produced corporate knickknack is more beneficial all round.”

Awesome mahi Beyond Recruitment!



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