on Dec 06, 18

Good Gift Card gives a Good buzz

We hear so much Good feedback from our Good Gift Card recipients - so why keep it all to ourselves?!
Nicola Patrick of Thrive, Whanganui's social enterprise hub, received a Good Gift Card as a thank you gift when she spoke at the 2018 Aotearoa Social Enterprise Forum.
She says she loved getting onto The Good Registry's website with her Good Gift Card and discovering how many charities there are to choose from.
"It was a "real buzz and I got to donate to one of my local faves - The Aunties
"Every little amount adds up for a charity like The Aunties, when you’re working with women restarting their lives, so being able to contribute my gift to people in real need was awesome."
Nicola says she'd love to see more event organisers giving their speakers and guests Good Gift Cards.
Her advice to event organisers: "Next time you’re hosting an event and need a little something to acknowledge the time of your speakers, why not pick a Good Gift Card and share the love a little wider!"
Thanks Nicola!
If you'd like to give a Good Gift Card, you can do that here. Or for bulk orders for a big (or small!) event, just drop us a line at [email protected] 

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