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Giving Tuesday: Giving yourself a happy high

By Lara Brinsdon - Phew! We're almost through the shopping storm. If retail therapy didn't work for you this year, and the shopping high didn't last – don’t worry, you're not alone!

While the excitement of a new purchase is often short-lived, in parallel, the high from helping others is long lasting.

#GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Black Friday weekend and is here to spark positive conversation and action around giving. The timing of Giving Tuesday is no coincidence. After a weekend of impulse-shopping, it’s beneficial to counteract this by reflecting on how we can help others in the giving season.

The end of the year can be a stressful time for ourselves too, so we may look at how to balance this stress. Helping others actually produces endorphins - similar to a good workout - and therefore sparks good energy, leading you to feel better, reduce stress and want to keep the good energy lasting! 

In doing so, you also get to make a real difference to people in a season that should always be centred around kindness, not commercialism.

This is why #GivingTuesday is such an important chance to change the conversation and celebrate the power of giving.

Here are some simple ways you can give this #GivingTuesday, 

Give Voice – Share with your friends, or on social media, what #GivingTuesday means to you.

Give Kindness – Give a compliment or a hug to someone having a hard time. 

Give Nourishment – Buy a few extra goods at your next supermarket shop to add to the donation carts/boxes at check out. 

Give Time – If you have some time spare, volunteer to help out this festive season. 

Give Money – Replace a physical gift with a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry this Christmas, or donate directly on our website. 

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