on Aug 11, 21

Giving (and getting) the good feels

The H2R Technology crew have so many reasons to feel good when they place another candidate. And they say reason #1 is the gift of giving.

With every new placement, there are the good feels of a happy client and a happy candidate—the satisfaction of another great match.

Adding to that, they give every successful candidate the chance to give back too.

The H2R Technology crew have now replaced traditional first day gifts for scores of successful candidates with The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards—giving their candidates the joy of giving.

That’s fewer plastic things in the world, lots of candidates having the chance to give to good causes, and thousands of dollars supporting the mahi of Kiwi charities.

Every recipient of a Good Gift Card can use their voucher to donate to any of The Good Registry’s 65 charity partners.  

H2R Technology Director Daniel Wharakura says the team feels good about the many moments of kindness they’ve created, all the charities they’ve supported, and the waste they’ve side-stepped—for themselves and for their candidates.

“We are fortunate that the majority of the candidates and clients we deal with aren’t looking for a gift for themselves and much prefer to give the gift of giving,” Daniel says. “To us it is all about manaakitanga, how we give back to people, and how we have less impact on the environment.”

He says candidates can feel good that their success has triggered some extra good for others too.

“It is nice for us to pass on a Good Gift Card and tell people that because they have done what they have done, we are able to support our charity partners at The Good Registry, and all of the charities they support.”

“The thing I appreciate above all else is that it gives the choice to the recipient about where they want the money to go—and that means everyone gets a little love. It’s not all going to one charity, and it is nice that the recipients can choose charities that most connect with their values.”

It makes the H2R Technology team feel extra good about their mahi too.

“We are really proud of our alliance with The Good Registry,” Daniel says. “There’s that all-round feel good factor. As a father, it’s even nice to be able to show my kids that I’m privileged to be part of an organisation that supports all kinds of good causes through my mahi.”

As well as giving first day gifts through The Good Registry, H2R Technology is now offering Good Gift Cards as part of a referral rewards programme. And the wider H2R Consulting group has used Good Gift Cards as quiz prizes, and donated through The Good Registry as part of their client celebrations last Christmas.

The H2R Consulting group traditionally support the Wellington City Mission with gifts or kai each Christmas and have volunteered as a team with Ronald McDonald House. Daniel says they love that the giving they do through The Good Registry builds on that to support such a wide range of causes.

Some of the most popular choices with their candidates have included Wellington Free Ambulance, Wellington Women’s Refuge, Wellington Sexual abuse HELP, Alzheimers NZ, KidsCan, Wellington Regional Childrens Hospital, Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming, and Project Jonah—a wide range for sure!

“We know there are plenty of commercial returns for everyone who operates in this space. As business leaders we need to be mindful that others in our society are less fortunate and it’s just not up to the state to fix that, it needs a community approach. We share that as a value. ”



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