on Jul 11, 23

Doing right by communities - the right thing to do

Buy NZ Made Executive Director Dane Ambler says giving back to communities and improving social wellbeing isn’t an option for businesses, it’s an obligation.

And Buy NZ Made is walking the talk on that. 

They’re supporting Kiwi charities and communities, and helping their members to do the same, by giving every new member a Good Registry gift card - enabling them to donate to charities of their choice. 

This year Buy NZ Made has already given Good Gift Cards to 50 new members - that’s 50 Kiwi businesses supporting causes that benefit their people, their customers, and their communities. It’s a lot of positive impact. 

Dane says that’s something he feels good  about - but it’s not a just a good thing to do, it’s the right thing to do. 

“Business has an important role to play in addressing injustices and lifting the vulnerable and marginalised. I have always wanted to measure our social and environmental impact as a brand and find ways to ‘give back’. By supporting The Good Registry we are helping to support the development of local communities and improving the well-being of society,” he says.

“Working with The Good Registry aligns with our purpose, which is to raise awareness among consumers about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of choosing locally-made goods. In a world that tells us to buy more junk every day, sustainable, long-lasting gifts that have a positive impact for people and planet are at the heart of what Buy NZ Made and The Good Registry do.”

It also aligns with Buy NZ Made’s vision for a sustainable future by empowering consumers to make informed choices that contribute to the prosperity and resilience of our communities. “People are demanding more from businesses – they want to know where and how their product is made, how the workers are treated, how long it will last and what will happen to it once it’s disposed of.”

And even though giving back is a ‘must do’, he says it’s equally a joy to do. 

“The response for licence holders has been really positive – they like being able to choose who they can donate the voucher too. They recognise every little bit adds up to make a big difference.”


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