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Doing Good this Christmas

This actually just made us cry with joy at The Good Registry! 

The Co-operative Bank gave Good Gift Cards to its 390 staff this Christmas - and their Chief Executive David Cunningham shared with us some of the feedback he's been receiving.

Seriously, it is so Good and so heartwarming! So we just had to share it all. 

One working day after sending out their Good Gift Cards, these are some of the messages that David Cunningham had received:

  • What a beautiful idea. This has made me unusually emotional!

  • Just wanted to say – this concept is just amazing. It is such a good idea and spreads a lot of love around.   It also ties in to our values and empowers staff that they can contribute to a cause that is close to their heart, with the support of the company that they work for. So, thanks for this – brings a big smile :-)

  • Mine went to the Parkinson’s Society as my Dad had Parkinson’s

  • What an awesome idea!  I just completed it – also a great selection of charities to choose from that covers everyone’s personal values (and being able to give extra to the charities people already support).  I think this is awesome – I would happily have no Xmas gift and just this instead – it is an awesome initiative!

  • My team and I think this is a brilliant idea and I hope we continue to do this every year.  It’s good to spread some goodwill to people who help others. Thanks for making this happen!

  • Done!!!!  The process is really easy and the SPCA is $30.00 better off thanks to the kindness of The Cooperative Bank.  :-).  What a lovely feeling.

  • Thank you David that’s such a lovely idea :-)

  • I have just used my voucher.  Such an easy process - thank you.  I have donated to a couple of charities that are close to my heart. Actually feeling quite emotional about what we are doing as a company right now.  Very proud to be part of this organisation :-)

  • Done!  It was hard to choose as the list is so comprehensive .. so I loved that you could split it up. That was an excellent thing to do .. well done to whoever’s idea that was.

  • This is an awesome initiative - I feel really great having just donated that money to the Pomegranate Kitchen (a Wellington based catering company run by refugees, which Co-op should totally use, btw! Their food is really good).   Feels great to be working for a company that puts giving back to the community as a priority!

  • Wow! This is fantastic, and I have jumped in and redeemed already. I really like the ability for us to each pick a charity that resonates with us personally.   Thank you – another great reason to add to my long list of why I am so happy I have started here!

  • What a fantastic idea, absolutely love it, thank you so much!!  I was so excited, I've already completed my donation to 3x different charities: 1. Kidscan; 2. Wgtn Children's Hospital; 3. The Neonatal Trust.  All 3x charities provide assistance to our kids as they are our future, the third one is dear to my heart because my third child was born 6x weeks premature and I can definitely relate to parents of premature children.  Wow, this is so awesome David, this had definitely made my Friday!!  Thanks again Santa!

  • This is great David – I personally donated to Diabetes NZ as our son is type 1 & I know how much they rely on donations.  It’s a great initiative that allows us to pick something dear to our hearts.  Thank You!

  • Nice!!

  • Thank you so much! Great idea! :-)

  • Thank you! I love this :-).  Great range of charities too!

  • That's so cool, what an awesome gesture.  Thanks very much.

  • Such a wonderful idea DC.  This email is really well written …it definitely captures the humanity of the bank and giving our people the opportunity to help those less fortunate this Christmas.  Awesome -  nice work!

  • Fantastic idea David. I love it.

  • This is a brilliant initiative – well done to everyone involved for arranging.

  • I think the Co-op has an awesome opportunity to be involved in supporting local or nationwide charities. By working together as teams we can inspire each other to make a difference for people who are troubled or in need or receiving some help. For me giving back to society in some way, gives me very valuable and positive feelings. Happiness can be infectious :-)

  • Bloody Brill …thanks for such a brilliant offer and easy so easy to give for good!!!

Huge thanks to The Co-operative Bank and your awesome team! You're such an inspiration to us.

If you're inspired too and you'd like to give a Good Gift Card, you can do that here. Or for bulk orders for a big (or small!) event, just drop us a line at [email protected] 

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