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Dogs doing Good: the V.I.P Dog Squad

Is there anything better than coming home from a long day and opening the door to be greeted by a bounding ball of barking fur and a wagging tail?

Dogs are a man’s, and woman’s best friend, and at The Good Registry we are all for anything to do with protecting, celebrating and loving New Zealand’s most loyal companions.

We think it is time to make The Good Registry’s Dog Squad official and celebrate the caring canines that have done their part when it comes to gifting the power to do good.

The Good Registry’s dog squad is made up of many pups and owners who have chosen to use their special occasions and our Good Gift Registries and donate to some of the charities dogs love the most, like Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming, SPCA, Sustainable Coastlines and New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue. A big thank you to Frankie & Bex, Casey & Pippin and Anna & Linda to name a few!

This week we welcome Vee, our newest member to the squad. Vee lives in Marton and (with a little bit of support from his best friend Trece) has chosen to open up his very first Good Gift Registry for his upcoming 3rd Birthday!

Trece is pretty familiar with The Good Registry as she set up her own birthday registry last year and has also been gifted with Good Gift Cards in the past.

With a passion for furry friends, Trece chose to give the donations for her birthday, and for Vee’s to Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming. After hearing about how the donations from her birthday helped to improve the life of chained dogs, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need as well as educate and empower dog owners to improve their dogs’ living conditions, it was a no brainer when Vee’s birthday rolled around to open up another Good Gift Registry to continue giving the power to do good.

When asked what it is about using The Good Registry that is so special, Trece drew her answer off of a feeling — “I love giving and I love helping in general, it just makes me feel good!” With a bark of agreement, it is pretty obvious that Vee thinks so too! Trece went on to say that the registry took “nothing to set up and it means I can give a gift that is not wasted”.

Here at The Good Registry, we think that Trece and Vee’s efforts deserve a bone, a big walk and a paw-five and we want to wish Vee the very best 3rd birthday!

Do you have a pooch who would love to join our dog squad? Visit www.thegoodregistry.com to learn how you can set up a Good Gift Registry and join our canine crew!

Or if you’d like to ‘give a bone’ to Vee and support the Good work of Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming, you can do that on Vee’s registry page.

Some our of founding Dog Squad members

  • Frankie & Bex helped raise $215 for Sustainable Coastlines from a very unorthodox Instagram ‘giveaway’
  • Cassey & Pippin raised more than $1000 from their birthday registry for The New Zealand Chihuahua Rescue
  • Anna and her mum Linda set up a birthday registry to donate to their favourite rescue Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming.


- By Maisie Gray


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