on Nov 08, 21

COP26 shows we need a climate friendly Christmas

By Sue McCabe, co-founder of The Good Registry - 

It’s never been clearer that all of us need to do more for our planet, in order to protect it from climate change that is already wreaking havoc and will only get worse.

While world leaders, celebrities, environmental activists and more gather in Glasgow at COP26 to discuss climate action on a global scale, the issues they’re discussing show every individual and every sector needs to act, and now.

It can seem like we’re facing a challenge that’s bigger than any of the solutions we as individuals can contribute. And people can feel much guilt about their actions, as the sheer act of living adds carbon to the environment.

I need to say upfront, I’m not a role model for climate friendly living and there’s much more I could do to reduce my household’s carbon footprint. However, I keep taking small steps as I can manage to live a more planet-friendly lifestyle. For example, I use Plastic Free July as a milestone to add in an additional commitment. Last year it was no single use coffee cups (thanks Again Again cups) and this July I added in no single use lunch containers. At the start of 2021 our family of four trialled moving to being a one-car household and we’re managing just fine. 

I’m proud to be part of The Good Registry which is an example of how small climate-friendly acts add up (and motivate you to do more). The Good Registry has saved an estimated 265,000 kg of carbon in gift manufacture and shipping since it launched nearly four years ago. It’s also raised more than $600k (and climbing) for good causes. It does this through providing simple and joyful ways people can swap out traditional present giving and instead give to charity.

So in the wake of COP26, and due to growing awareness of the need to reduce our load on the planet, please think about taking another small step, and gift in an environmentally friendly way this Christmas.

It may be that you consider what the Christmas gift you would like to give to clients, workmates, employees or family members was made from, how it was transported and wrapped. Perhaps you may gift an environmentally friendly experience, or a home-made gift. Or consider giving a Good Gift Card to both avoid carbon, and enable the recipient to choose their favourite good cause to redeem it with. We call it giving the gift of giving!

If you’re expecting to receive gifts that you know won’t be planet friendly and that you don’t need and might not even really want, consider setting up a Good Gift Registry and inviting your friends and family to give to your selected charity instead. We’ve even got an option for corporates where they invite staff, stakeholders or customers to vote on which good causes they’d like an allotted pot of money to go to.

The Good Registry’s options are great for last minute gifts, support the Buy New Zealand Made approach, don’t need to be posted (although you can print out a Good Gift Card if you like), and they’re always in stock! 

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