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Cogo: Embodying sustainability and conscious consumerism

By Courtenay Scott-Hill - In 2016, Cogo was born out of the desire to create a more fair and sustainable world. 

They’ve designed a clever app that collects extensive data on people’s purchases and the environmental impact of each purchase.

They're partnering with banks around the world, to offer banking customers valuable personalised insights into their spending patterns and the carbon emissions created through each of their purchases. Customers are then offered actionable insights to empower them to make sustainable changes. 

With climate change increasingly becoming the hot topic on everyone’s lips, Chief Operating Officer Christina Bellis says Cogo is experiencing great success.

As well as improving consumer purchases one banking customer at a time, Cogo embodies sustainability and conscious consumerism through every aspect of their business and office space. From secondhand furniture and zero waste workplace snacks, to an ‘online first’ policy on meetings and sales pitches, Cogo are fully committed to treading as lightly as possible on our planet. 

They have also generously let The Good Registry co-inhabit their office space for a while... We are so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside like-minded people doing so much good! 

Cogo are regular supporters of our kaupapa at The Good Registry. They celebrate employees’ birthdays by giving them the opportunity to donate to charities of their choice, and also give Good Gift Cards to guest speakers at Tech For Good events.

Christina says The Good Registry’s gift cards are “the gift that gives, where people have an engagement with it by gifting it forward to something they feel connected to”. She says her personal favourite charities at The Good Registry are the Mental Health Foundation and Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming (That's Christina with her lovely rescue dog Aiko in the photo).

Christina says her biggest gifting peeve is the plastic-fantastic revolution and the “here today and forgotten tomorrow” attitude of instant gratification.

She says she’d love to see a societal shift around gift giving which moves from a throw away culture to one where gifting is meaningful, appreciated and with longevity in mind. Here at The Good Registry, we couldn’t agree more!  

Cogo founder and Global CEO Ben Gleisner and Chief Operating Officer Christina Bellis at their office - where their commitment to sustainability is also brought to life

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