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C'mon Kiwis: let's turn Black Friday Green!

By Ainsley Harris.

As Kiwis gets caught up in the Black Friday storm this weekend, The Good Registry is suggesting instead, it’s a good day to pause and think about what we really need.

Last year Kiwis spent $442 million over the Black Friday Weekend — 6.5% more than 2017, and surpassing Boxing Day sales.

At The Good Registry, we’re all for people being able to buy the things they need at prices they can afford, but we think Black Friday does no good for people or the planet.

So this year, we’re urging New Zealanders not to buy into it, and to paint the day Green instead: be mindful about consumption, buy ethically and sustainably, and don’t get caught up in the consumerism and madness that can take over from now through until Christmas.

The Good Registry’s Chief of Good Christine Langdon says, “The planet simply can’t afford these levels of consumerism, nor these ‘bargain’ prices”.

“If we’re producing products at this price it’s not only unsustainable, but it’s unethical too. Somewhere along the line the real cost is being carried by communities and the planet.

“In a year where there has been a big focus on conscious consumerism, climate change, and reducing single use plastics, Black Friday promotes the complete opposite.

“We feel that Black Friday is a good day to pause, and think about what you really need, and to start setting ourselves up for Christmas with a more mindful approach to buying,” Christine says.

“If you do need something new, vote with your dollar and shop with companies that align with your own values.”

Here are five good questions to ask yourself before you buy:
1. Do I really need this?
2. Will I use it regularly?
3. Is there are more sustainable alternative?
4. What will happen to this product at the end of its life?
5. Can I dispose of it responsibly?

The Good Registry is focused on sharing generosity and spreading joy. We’ve raised close to $250,000 for New Zealand charities through Kiwis using our registries and Good Gift Cards, instead of buying throw-away gifts.

“We can save thousands of unwanted gifts that were brought under pressure from going to the landfill, and instead use Black Friday as a day to do good.

“For example, if every New Zealander replaced a $10 gift with a $10 Good Gift Card, that would be $47 million of good.”

Black Friday sees millions of people shopping online, meaning there’s not only the environmental strain on producing the products, but delivering them too.

“Our Good Gift Cards are delivered electronically, meaning no packaging, wrapping or environmental cost of delivery,” says Christine Langdon.

“Try not to get caught up in the madness. Use Black Friday to pause: give, be kind and celebrate generosity.”



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