on Dec 12, 22

Checking in This Christmas

By Lara Brinsdon - In the lead up to the festive season it's easy to get caught up in the end of year stress of wrapping up your work, making travel plans, having a full schedule of Christmas parties and of course all the marketing pressure to shop up a storm for presents.  

However, I would vouch that more important than anything is taking a deep breath and patting ourselves on the back for making it through the year.

2022 has been a mammoth year. Following two years of lock-downs and spending more time in our 'bubbles' than ever in 2020/21- many people found themselves trying to make up for lost time this year. You may not have even realised you were doing so, but whether it be socially or in your work, there's a chance you did a lot more this year than the last two. While this may have made for a very exciting year, it’s super common to also be feeling a little more burnt out than usual this December.

This is a great reason to make sure the festive season is about reducing stress, rather than adding to it. Ask yourself – are you more excited to unwrap a gift from your loved one or wrap them up in a giant hug and have a much needed catch-up? They're probably feeling the same way, so if you're lucky enough to spend Christmas with loved ones, presents can be pretty low on your Christmas check-list.  

Here's a few things you can try out to take the pressure off and put focus back into what the festive season is about:  

Check in with yourself – what are you proud of this year? What did you get through that you didn't think you would?  

Check in with your friends – will they be missing someone this festive season – if so, let them know you’re thinking of them and take some time out to spend with them

Check in with your family – are you all stressing over presents, while none of you actually need more stuff? Have a chat to decide if you need to do gifts at all, or if you can all bring a plate for Christmas lunch instead.

And an easy way to reduce Christmas shopping stress on you and the planet – replace any gift ideas you're not certain about with a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry. A gift that suits everyone and encapsulates the giving spirit of Christmas, allowing your recipient to give to a cause close to their heart.

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