on Aug 09, 22

Celebrating values - with impact

When the team at Envelope launched their new values this year, they wanted a special way to celebrate them.

So they have also launched regular values awards. At least every six months team-members who are living their values will be recognised and celebrated.

And in keeping with their values, they’re giving each award winner the opportunity to make a difference - by donating to their chosen charities through The Good Registry.

Envelope’s values are: 

  • We know our stuff. 
  • We’re a tight team. 
  • We make a difference. 
  • We’re about quality. 

Envelope GM Mel Blyde says that rewarding staff with Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry ties in with their value of making a difference. 

“Good Gift Cards were the right fit for Envelope because they align nicely with our core philosophy. We want to support our team, our clients and our community, and we get excited when we have an opportunity to do that.”

Mel says Envelope’s values are a shared understanding of what it means to be a part of something special. 

“We worked on them together as a team which means they really are shared. When we’re all on the same page we can all achieve so much more, and when the hard work is done, we can celebrate together too.”

Envelope is a consultancy business with a team of civil engineers, structural engineers and surveyors, with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Mount Maunganui. Owned by Mel and husband Alan, they currently have a crew of 40 amazing team members.

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