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How to celebrate your birthday and raise money for Alzheimers

Instead of receiving gifts, Deb Wood chose to pledge her 60th birthday to Alzheimers NZ through The Good Registry after facing the personal struggles of Alzheimers with her mother.  

“My mum and I shared a traumatic journey together, both of us trying to do the very best we could. It has left me with a huge understanding and tolerance for older people and especially those struggling to manage with dementia,” Deb says.

After raising more than $400 from her birthday, Deb says it was hugely rewarding. “You feel that its making a difference to someone in need.”

She says that the decision to pledge her birthday to help others with Alzheimers was easy.

“I feel that I am very privileged to be where I am today. I don’t need or want for anything material. After reading about The Good Registry it was a “no brainer” for me.”

“It was an opportunity for any of my family and friends considering giving me something for my birthday to participate if they so chose. One or two chose not to for their own reasons and others chose to. That was fine by me.”

She says The Good Registry took the hard work out of trying to do something similar on her own and made it simple to notify friends and family using the website link to her event.

Her advice for others thinking about pledging a birthday: “Its brilliant. Very rewarding…. Go for it!”

Thank you Deb from The Good Registry, Alzheimers NZ, and from everyone who lives with Alzheimers! 

You can learn more about Alzheimers NZ on their website.

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