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Can workplace gift giving be more joyous?

Hi, I’m Tracey, one of the founders of The Good Registry, and lately I’ve been thinking about corporate gift giving.

It’s the time of year when, in a former life, I had the job of choosing client gifts every Christmas. So every year at about this time, one of my colleagues would remind me it was time to think about Christmas gifts, and every year at about this time I would put it off.

Why? I love gift giving. And I loved our clients and partners. But the challenge with mass giving, year after year, is that it’s so hard to get it right. Every year, like businesses across New Zealand, we would give dozens of gifts. How do you choose the right gift each year that meets so many people’s expectations? That resonates with your company’s brand; that is within budget; that won’t generate too much waste; that would be manageable, in terms of procuring, wrapping and sending; that would be pleasing enough to most people, and not actively offensive to anyone?

So when we created The Good Registry’s Good Gift Cards, and our first brave corporate customers used them, even we weren’t sure how they would be received.  Would they fall flat, like Christmas cakes and branded keep cups often do? Would people resent being given the gift of giving, rather than stuff?

But what was overwhelming was the joy that many recipients have expressed - heartfelt emails of thanks and excitement at being able to donate to causes that mean something to them. David Cunningham, former CEO of the Cooperative Bank, and one of our first ever Good Gift Card givers, said he had never had so much positive response from a corporate gift – ever.

No mass-given gift will ever be perfect for everyone. But with Good Gift Cards, there is joy in the giving and the getting – and a third round of joy when charities receive these bonus funds.

So don’t put it off. If you’re struggling to think about what to get your staff, team-mates, customers or any significant others for Christmas, contact us and we’ll respond with joy.

You can also find out more about corporate giving at The Good Registry here.

Noho ora mai,

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