on Feb 20, 18

Amanda pays it forward with goodness instead of gifts

Amanda Rowe says paying forward her birthday for the Neonatal Trust felt great.

“I really didn’t really need gifts for my 45th birthday. I decided to use The Good Registry as a way of donating what others would spend on birthday gifts to put towards a good cause.”

The Neonatal Trust was an obvious choice for Amanda. “Five or so years earlier, when pregnant with our second child, my waters broke at 35 weeks, and I was admitted to hospital. Our daughter was born via emergency caesarean and spent ten days in NICU. Although this was stressful and unexpected, we received amazing support and I saw my opportunity to give something back,” she says.

“This was the first time doing something like this, and it felt great.”

On the day of her birthday, Amanda went out for lunch with a group of friends. “It was great to enjoy my birthday without receiving material gifts, and to know the money is going to a good cause.”


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