on Mar 12, 21

Another birthday of warm fuzzies

For The Good Registry’s former communications intern Janisha Nathu there was no hesitation when her friends posed the question ‘What do you want for your birthday?’ With one Good Gift Registry already under her belt, Janisha is celebrating a waste free and unnecessary gift free birthday once again!

This time last year Janisha reflected on how she could turn 21 in a way that was impactful and special (and no.. not in the form of a yard glass or 21 shots!) With her knowledge of how The Good Registry can help gift the power to do good, she decided to set up her first Good Gift Registry and raise money for our hardworking friends at Common Unity Project Aotearoa.

After a call out to family and friends via her social media, Janisha managed to raise $200 for The Common Unity Project and the Lower Hutt based community, schools and organisations it works alongside. Thrilled by her family’s generous response and determined to give all she can to those in need, Janisha then decided to match this amount and donate an extra $200 out of her own pocket.

Over summer Janisha popped in and visited the Common Unity Project and after seeing first-hand how her money was able to help those in need she felt “warm & fuzzy.” Keen to recreate this feeling and keep doing more good she knew that her next birthday and the one after that were to be no different.

Set to turn 22 tomorrow Janisha reached out to her family and friends once again to ask them to join her in showing their love for the environment and people in need by giving them the option to donate instead of buying her gifts.

“After 2020, we all need to lean on each other and help out where we can. If there is any time to be more giving and supportive it is now.”

This time around, Janisha has chosen to donate to the wonderful chefs and deliverers of good food at Bellyful. Bellyful nourishes and connects communities by cooking and delivering meals to whānau in need of some extra support. Janisha chose Bellyful to help ensure that all tummies are full and satisfied. She is also passionate about the good that comes from sharing a meal with loved ones and believes that no one deserves to go without this simple life pleasure.

Jansiha plans to have a reasonably relaxed celebration. Perhaps a nice day out with friends followed by a slice of cake and a drink of some sort (we would recommend a celebratory bubbles!). Rest assured, Janisha is turning a year older in style, because what is more stylish than a birthday with a positive impact!

- Maisie Gray

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