on Dec 07, 22

"A true legend!"

By Lara Brinsdon - Carol Fraser is the founder of Fraser People, an Auckland based boutique recruitment company.

She has been giving through The Good Registry for the past two years, choosing to give each candidate a Good Gift Card when celebrating a new role.

Last Christmas she decided to also use The Good Registry for her client and community Christmas gifting, and we helped her set up a charity poll.  

A charity poll is a unique chance to donate on behalf of your clients or staff, who get to have their say in where the donation goes. Your business can choose a handful of charities, and will be given a link to share with as many people as you would like, who will all be able to cast one vote for where they would like the money to go. 

The Good Registry's charity polls are great for staff and client gifting as there is no limit to how many people can vote, and it gives businesses a chance to see what causes are important to their staff or clients.  

Carol says she decided to set up a charity poll because it aligned with her goal of giving sustainable gifts, as a smaller business giving back when they can. She appreciated the added value of engaging directly with her clients after a difficult year while giving back to important causes.  

"We'd had a tough year with lockdowns and not being able to get out to see people so it was a great way to engage with them and do something good." 

Carol chose six charities from The Good Registry's 65 charity partners, which covered a wide range of important causes.

She reflected that it was really interesting to see what causes were closest to people’s hearts.

Along with people actively participating, Carol says she also received exceedingly positive feedback from the Fraser People community - messages like these:

"Bloody brilliant, well done again to you! I’ve voted and seen the votes thus far on the graph – you’re a true legend!"   

"What a wonderful idea & good on Fraser People for doing this, great initiative, love your approach here." 

Once the poll was completed, Carol was able to share the results with everyone who voted,  so people could see exactly where the donation was going.  

If you'd like to find out more about Charity Polls or set one up for your team or clients, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

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