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A safe haven for women experiencing homelessness

By Lucy Smillie - 

Since opening in 1992, the Wellington Women’s House has provided safe and comfortable transitional housing for women on low incomes or who need help finding a permanent home. 

As well as providing housing and essential items for moving into a new home, the Wellington Women’s House runs events for their residents and supports them through advice and guidance.  

In the words of a former resident, "The house has given me breathing room before I start the next phase of my journey, and space to figure out what my needs are in a safe environment."

We spoke with Neveh Shimi, the coordinator at Wellington Women’s House, to learn more about their mahi assisting women in need, and how donations through The Good registry can support them and their residents. 

“In 1989, the Housing Corporation bought and renovated the house with the intention of providing accommodation to women who were in transition, or on a low income”, says Neveh. 

“All its furnishings, equipment and even topsoil for the garden was provided by volunteers.”

In the house, each resident has their own fully furnished bedroom, access to a shared lounge and sitting room where they can access a computer, and a fully-equipped kitchen where they can cook alongside each other. 

Neveh says the Wellington Women’s house welcomes “anyone who identifies as a woman, is 18 years or older, and is able to live unsupervised and independently”.

The House has an on-site social worker, coordinator and manager, who ensure the House runs smoothly and work closely with residents to “help them achieve their goals, gain access to benefits or entitlements and provide advice when needed”.

The Wellington Women’s House also hosts events such as employment and property hunting workshops, creative and mindfulness activities or “just something fun” to help and support residents.

Neveh says that donations they receive through The Good Registry enable them to continue providing a safe haven for women experiencing homelessness. 

“Through these donations we are able to alleviate some of the stressors homelessness brings by providing essential toiletries, a gift for a birthday or special occasion, dental care visits, first aid courses, appropriate clothing for someone beginning a job and any extra resources the women may need.”

The Wellington Women’s House has received around $9000 in donations through The Good Registry so far and you can support them further by creating a Good Registry for them, redeeming a Good Gift Card, or by making a direct donation here

Neveh says that there are also a number of other ways to support the kaupapa of The Wellington Women's house such as: 

  • Becoming a regular donor 
  • Referring someone in need via their website: https://wwh.org.nz/apply-stay-house
  • Reaching out to the house if you are a socially minded landlord with reasonably priced rental properties available
  • Get in touch if you have a skill or talent you would like to share with residents at the house by running a workshop/event. 

To find out more and to get in touch with the Wellington Women’s House, you can visit their website at https://wwh.org.nzhead over to their Instagram @wellingtonwomenshouse and Facebook page @Wellington Women’s House, or email them directly at [email protected] 

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