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A Mission to create a kinder Christmas

We’re so excited to announce a new partnership we’ve formed, and just in time to create a kinder Christmas for all New Zealanders.

We’ve just welcomed three new charity partners to The Good Registry — The Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions! We hope this partnership will make it more simple for more New Zealanders to help others in need — especially this Christmas.

The impacts of Covid-­19 are deeply felt by the Missions, as they face an overwhelming increase in the need for their services. The pandemic has seen an increasing number of people turning to their City Missions for support.

In the first week of lockdown, Wellington City Mission had a 400% increase in requests for food parcels, and Christchurch City Mission saw a sevenfold increase in their budgeting advice service. During the second Auckland lockdown, the Auckland City Mission broke its own record by providing more than 1,500 food parcels in one week.

“We are seeing more people that don’t usually need Mission help as unemployment rates rise. Even former supporters and donors have now been forced to seek help,” says The Wellington City Mission’s General Manager of Fundraising and Marketing, Bridget Child.

Through our Good Gift Cards and Registries, people can give others the joy of giving to good causes like the Missions.

A $10 Good Gift Card from The Good Registry could help provide a nourishing meal, provide hygiene products, support a medical consultation or support addiction counselling services from one of the Missions.

For many people, Christmas in 2020 will look different, and for charities it is going to be much harder than ever to fundraise. We’re working hard to create a kinder Christmas by providing another way to support charities and the vital work they provide in our communities across Aotearoa.

“We know people want to do more good this year, and are looking for ways to celebrate with more kindness and less stuff. Enabling people to gift to the Missions through The Good Registry is a way that we can make Christmas better for everyone,” says The Good Registry’s Co-founder and Chief of Good, Christine Langdon.

“It might be harder to send gifts overseas, have staff parties, or spend much on Christmas, but we can be kind, and share our Christmas joy in different ways.”

“The extra economic and mental health stress from Covid-­19 means we need to be extra kind to others at Christmas this year. Supporting each other is how we as a country will get through this. A good Christmas for everyone is a gift more important than ever before and we hope people will use The Good Registry to send some kindness our way this Christmas,” says Bridget Child.

About the City Missions

The Missions provide emergency food, bedding, temporary housing, household items, health care, social work support, activities, residential detox, advocacy and a sense of community for those who are poor, homeless, ill, isolated or suffering from alcohol or other drug use/abuse.

How you can support the Missions through The Good Registry

  • Create your own Good Registry for a special event and ask friends and family to donate to the charity you choose (such as one of the Missions).
  • Give Good Gift Cards instead of traditional gifts, to show people you are thinking about them, and enable them to donate to charities they care about. One Good Gift Card could be used to support all three of the missions of any of our 65 other charity partners!

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