on Sep 13, 18

A Good way to make Good people feel valued

When Andrew Weaver wanted to say ‘thank you’ to his children’s sports coaches this year, he bought them Good Gift Cards.

Andrew says it’s important to him to acknowledge his children’s coaches, tutors and teachers for what they’ve done throughout the year. 

“It recognises the investment that they have made in my children, and it’s about the personal connection. I want them to feel appreciated and valued — because they are.”

In the past he’s given thank you gifts such as massage vouchers. This year he decided to do something with a little extra meaning.

“The people I am giving to are all established in life, so anything I might give them is going to be trivial unless it has meaning. So Good Gift Cards are ideal — because they’re a way to appreciate them and let them do good at the same time,” Andrew says.

“It was satisfying to just do good. It feels good to give and I know for the recipients, it would feel good to receive, and to give, so it is a trickle of good that continues — You are maximising the effect.”

Andrew says the response from the coaches who he gave Good Gift Cards too was great. 

“One of the people I gave to told me and the children about the charities they gave to, so he had obviously thought about what he was doing and split the Good Gift Card between causes that were personal and meaningful to him — for mental health and alzheimers.”

One of his recipients was badminton coach Jon Werry.

Jon says that receiving a Good Gift Card felt  …. “Good”.

“It was really nice, and the nice thing about it is that it goes both ways. You feel good about the people giving it to you as well as feeling good yourself about doing something good,” Jon says.

“As a family we pick a charity to support each year and I often feel like I’d like to be doing more - so to be able to do that through someone else was great.” 

Andrew says he thinks he’s onto something Good too :-)

“I will definitely do it this year for the kids’ teachers at the end of the year, and in other similar situations, like sports team coaches or managers and drama club.”

He says one of the things that’s so satisfying is seeing the ripples of Good that he’s creating. 

“It’s the spreading the word, especially with the people who come back and say what a good idea. It’s like “great - you can use it [The Good Registry] too”. That would be really satisfying, seeing the ripples in the pond go wider…”

Thanks Andrew and Jon for the ripples you’re creating!

If you’d like to give the gift of goodness to teachers, coaches, tutors or mentors too, get Good Gift Cards here.

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