on Oct 19, 22

A good way to gift for small businesses

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably looking for ways to acknowledge your staff and clients - whether it is to say thank you for choosing our businesses, thanks for a job well done, or thanks for a good year and Merry Christmas.

You might also be looking for more ways to give back to the communities you are part of - and to reduce your footprint.

The Good Registry helps you do it all.

Our Good Gift Cards are a way that you can thank and celebrate with staff and clients, without giving unnecessary gifts that can create a lot of waste or end up in landfill - and you can support the community causes that your staff and clients care about at the same time.

Our gift cards are electronic vouchers that recipients can exchange for donations to the charities they choose.

Send all of your staff or your clients a Good Gift Card, and they each get to donate to charities they care about. With one gift card, they can choose one charity, or donate to many.

It’s a gift for your team-mates and clients - that gives to whole communities, and is extra-good for the planet too.

We would love to help your small business gift with impact. If you'd like to know more, get in touch anytime!

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