on Oct 27, 22

A very Good dog :)

The Good Registry isn't just for humans! 

This is Alfie - one of ten pups born in the care of Chained Dog Rehabilitation & Rehoming NZ on Halloween 2020.

Alfie and his brothers and sisters will soon be turning two. 🐶🎂

Instead of a big pawty and lots of pressies this year, Alfie and his humans decided to give back to the amazing charity that gave him such a fab start in life, fundraising through The Good Registry.

With a few days to go, Alfie's friends & family, and supporters of Chained Dog R&R have so far pledged $275 to help more dogs like Alfie have a way better life. That's enough to provide around 90 meals, and 90 full bellies or to microchip seven dogs :).

You can check out Alfie's birthday registry here.

You and your furry friends could create a birthday registry to fundraise for your favourite charity too. You can do that here :) 

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