on May 05, 22

"A Good Gift Card is like a warm hug for the planet"

By Lucy Smillie - In her podcast, ‘Take Your Meds’, Gemma Slack speaks with a range of different people about how they’ve navigated challenges in their lives, and following the release of season one, Gemma has purchased a bundle of Good Gift Cards from The Good Registry, to give her interviewees as thank you gifts. 

Alongside being a mother, working as a trauma recovery coach and running a group programme called ‘No New Things’, Gemma hosts the Take Your Meds podcast for “anyone experiencing mental distress or looking to grow and expand”.

Following an “intuitive nudge” and passion for accessibility, Gemma started the Take Your Meds podcast to create an accessible place for people to find tools and techniques “to help them navigate their quarter life crisis”. 

“The podcast is all about having conscious conversations with people who have navigated adversity to understand their operating systems or the ‘medicines’ they take to help them get through challenges” says Gemma.

Having faced her own personal challenges, Gemma recognises that while the mental health system plays an important role in recovery, people can often feel restricted or boxed in by medical diagnosis. 

“There are so many medicines that you can take to help yourself,” says Gemma. Different medicines discussed in season one of the Take Your Meds podcast include types of meditation, self-awareness, spirituality, movement and much more. 

“Everything we talk about in the podcast is not medical advice but rather medicinal advice for working through adversity.”

In her podcast, Gemma talks about different types of ‘medicine’ with guest interviewees from different backgrounds who “aren’t afraid to put their mask down and let themselves be vulnerable”. 

Gemma says that her interviewees “generously give their time and so much of their wisdom and heart” to the podcast, and to show her appreciation, Gemma gifted each of her guests in season one a Good Gift Card. 

“I wanted to do something really meaningful for them to honour their time and say thank you”.

When thinking about what to give to her interviewees, Gemma didn’t want to contribute to waste or consumption and decided that a Good Gift Card was “the perfect solution”.

“A Good Gift Card is like a warm hug for the planet and a warm hug for social and environmental change so it’s a no brainer”.

Gifting Good Gift Cards also aligns with Gemma’s own mahi and kaupapa of working to build more leaders. 

“I love how it’s a perfect bridge between the work that I do and the outcome I’m seeking to create” says Gemma. 

“When people experience peace, live in alignment with their unique gifts, and own their personal power, then they’re able to make meaningful impacts because when they’re in a good place and well resourced, they can be part of the solution”. 

You can listen to season one of the Take Your Meds podcast on Spotify and if you're looking for the perfect thank you gift for someone you appreciate, you can purchase a Good Gift Card here.

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