on Mar 11, 22

A cause for everyone

By Lucy Smillie - What's something close to your heart that you care about?

Is it spending quality time with loved ones, good health, or looking after the environment? Is it spreading positivity and happiness, sharing a nutritious meal with whanau, or treating others with kindness?

No matter your answer, you can turn that care into positive change through The Good Registry by supporting charities that share your values. 

The Good Registry partners with 65 different charities that provide much-needed help and support to a range of good causes within and outside of New Zealand. 

Our charity partners do important work from protecting the environment and biodiversity - like that at Trees that Count and Sustainable Coastlines - to supporting children suffering from health implications - like Heart Kids and Wellington Children’s Hospital. 

We have partners including Whenua Warrior, Kaibosh and Bellyful, which address issues concerning food poverty and insecurity, and others like Wellington Women's Refuge and Wellington Women’s House that focus on supporting and empowering women in need. 

Other charity partners such as Rainbow Youth and InsideOUT support and create safe spaces for members of the New Zealand LGBTQIA community, while others like Refugees as Survivors (RASNZ) and The Auckland Refugee Family Trust, provide mental and physical support to people with refugee backgrounds.

We have charity partners including the SPCA and Chained Dog Rehabilitation and Rehoming that care about improving animal welfare in New Zealand, and those such as Brake, the road safety charity, that focus on preventing accidents on the road and supporting families affected by such events. 

With so many good causes to choose from and many more to explore here, The Good Registry has a charity, or multiple charities, that support the same things you care about and reflect your own interests and intentions. 

Whether you care about the environment, helping children with illnesses, supporting vulnerable communities, animal welfare, or tackling food poverty, we’ve got you covered!

Using our Good Gift Cards and Registries, you (and friends and family) can donate to some of our incredible charities and support meaningful causes that matter to you.  You can also donate directly to any of our 65 charity partners all on one page, here

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