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A camp with a difference

By Rachael Bhadury - 

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” - Randy Pausch

Lennox was just three years old when they were diagnosed with a rare type of eye cancer that resulted in them losing their right eye. After they had surgery, Lennox quickly returned to preschool but there were a few stares and lots of questions. Renee, Lennox’s mum, was determined to normalise this for Lennox, and so the three-year-old answered questions with very straightforward, matter of fact answers – pretty incredible for someone so young.

When Lennox was five, they went to their first Camp Quality camp, and found not only a break from questions - but a whole lot of fun.

Camp Quality New Zealand is all about fun. Its mission is to bring fun, hope and happiness to the lives of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. The camps, which run throughout the country, provide a stress-free and caring environment, allowing the children to “just be kids”, and they also provide a much-needed break for the child’s family.

For Lennox, Camp Quality became a home away from home, and somewhere safe and accepting with a huge amount of ongoing support. “Being around other kids who got it and didn't need to ask lots of questions was so cool,” says Lennox. 

Dave Bellamy is the General Manager at Camp Quality New Zealand, and says it is only through the donations and grants they receive that they’re able to provide camp for all the hundreds of children just like Lennox.

Camp Quality was one of the charities to receive $5000 through a recent public poll by The Good Registry, which helped our Trust to allocate funds from our unredeemed Good Gift Cards.

Mr Bellamy said the extra funding meant two children could now attend a year of camps and other activities that Camp Quality provides. 

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity that being part of The Good Registry gives, and for the support of all those who use The Good Registry and think of us,” he said.

If you have a birthday or special event coming up and would like the money that was going to be spent on a gift or gifts for you, to instead go to Camp Quality or another charity of your choosing - set up a registry.


* Photo: Lennox enjoying Camp Quality 

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