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5 Good ideas for World Kindness Day

By Lara Brindson - There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. 

This is because kindness sparks kindness. Making someone feel good through an act of kindness, often leads them to want to share this feeling onwards. The positive emotions they then feel will encourage them to keep sharing the good, creating a ripple of kindness. 

Maybe you remember that feeling too - when you were kind to someone, and it made your day brighter, as well as theirs. Maybe you gave someone a genuine compliment and saw their face light up, or you were there for a friend in a hard time and felt the joy of being able to comfort them? 

Well that is no coincidence! 'Helper's high' is a scientifically backed feeling that describes the chemical reaction people experience when helping others. It is very similar to the rush of endorphins you feel after exercise, meaning it benefits your mental wellbeing and life satisfaction to share kindness.  

Start your own ripple of kindness this World Kindness Day on Sunday the 13th November, by giving one of these acts of kindness a go:

  • Share a compliment – when you think something uplifting about someone, share it with them! 
  • Support a local business by leaving a positive review -  no need to wait for a bad experience to give your feedback to the places you love. 
  • Visit or call a loved one – even better, try and feed into the conversation a special memory you share with them or a trait of theirs that you appreciate. 
  • Be kind with yourself, looking in the mirror, writing in a journal, or even talking to a friend – share 5 things about yourself you are grateful for.  
  • Give a Good Gift Card from The Good Registry – share kindness between you, your giftee, their charity choice, and the planet, by giving the joy of giving – without any waste!  



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