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5 big reasons to Buy (and give) NZ Made

By Lara Brinsdon - It's long been said that New Zealanders can make anything from a roll of number 8 wire. So it's no surprise the spirit of kiwi ingenuity has led to so many awesome New Zealand businesses, products and experiences. 

Monday 21 November, gives us a chance to celebrate this with NZ Made Day - a day to get out there and spend locally. 

NZ Made Day is also a great reminder to support local for any gifts you give this Christmas (or any time of the year). Locally made gifts are often more sustainable and made to last - and therefore a much better choice than your amazon wishlist! 

If you and your whānau don’t need more ‘stuff’, there is no need to buy anything  to support local. Instead consider celebrating NZ Made Day by going on a NZ experience, eating at a local restaurant or by giving back to others through charities. 

Here are 5 big reasons to support NZ Made Day and make spending local a habit. 

  • The environment will thank you – without mass-production and long haul transport, significantly less carbon is emitted to manufacture a local product and get it to your door. 
  • Sustainable Kiwi ingenuity deserves to be celebrated – with an abundance of creativity and talent across our motu there's no lack of local and sustainable options that are always made to last.  
  • Supporting our local economy enables communities to thrive - which is extra important for the people, the animals, and the environment, as well as ourselves.
  • It’s not all about physical products - support local by taking a friend on a NZ experience. Trust me, we’re famous for them!
  • If you find yourself not needing anything new, you can always support NZ Made Day by giving back to those in your community -  Share the good with a Good Gift Card, or by donating to any of our 65 charity partners via Our Charities page

The Good Registry is incredibly proud to be part of the NZ Made community! Our 65 charity partners are all proudly NZ Made too :)

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