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3 ways you can give back to your community ✨

How good is giving back? We've picked 3 ways you can get involved in goodness this month: 

1. Share your skills 🎨

Sharing is caring. Why not offer your skills to community organisations, charities or schools?

Skills-based volunteering can make a huge difference for non-profit organisations. Skills such as design, IT support, advertising, event organising, social media or writing are highly sought after and enable organisations to focus on their key mahi. 

2. Support Local ❤️

Boost your community by supporting local businesses. Make it a goal to explore neighbourhood markets, shop at independent stores, charity op shops and local eateries instead of international chains. Why not leave a positive Google review while you’re at it? Supporting local contributes to a vibrant community ✨

3. Declutter for Good 🧹

If you’re clearing out clothes and household items, why not make a positive difference at the same time? Sort through items that are in good condition, that you no longer want or need. Research local charities, shelters or op shops and see what items they’re accepting. Your donations can provide essential resources to those in need, plus they get a longer, more meaningful lifespan. 

Volunteer opportunities 

Our 65 charity partners are often in need of a helping hand:

  • 📱Youthline is looking for helpline counsellors and event volunteers: volunteer here

  • ❤️‍🩹 HeartKids is always on the lookout for fundraising volunteers across their branches: volunteer here

  • 🧠 MND New Zealand is looking for design, public relations or event skills: volunteer here

Share these ideas with your crew—your friends, your fam, or your workmates.

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Psst 🙋‍♀️ Explore two more ways to make a difference for Kiwi charities:

1. Good Registries:

  • Personalize a registry for your special occasions.
  • Invite friends and family to contribute to causes you care about.

2. Good Gift Cards:

  • Gift the joy of giving with Good Gift Cards.
  • Allow your loved ones to spend their gift card on causes that resonate with them.

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